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Get a website designed with both the mobile-user and the desktop-user in mind so that your website is easily accessible to all devices.


Get a website optimized both for speed and search engines.  Your users will be happy, and search engines will understand the content on your site so that they can easily index it.


Get a website designed that takes into account who you are and who your audience is.  Websites are marketing tools, so it is important to tailor the site for each individual case.

Does Your Church Website Need an Upgrade?

Moody Web Design specializes in websites for churches. We have an intuitive design that places the most pertinent information right at the fingertips of your websites’ users. Check out what we can do for you!



Search engine optimization is about formatting the content of your website so that search engines understand what your website is about so they can properly index it.


Content is king.  Understanding what service or information you provide and who you are trying to reach helps you develop a marketing strategy for your website.


XML Sitemaps are simple to add to your website yet helpful for search engines to understand the structure of your website.


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WordPress Content Managment System

Starting at $3500

✔ The best content management system available
✔ Update your site easily and quickly
✔ Fully responsive website
✔ Search engine optimized

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Web Design

Starting at $3500

✔ Custom designed and programmed website
✔ Responsive across all devices
✔ Optimized for search engines and user experience
✔ Sleek and intuitive design

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Search Engine Optimization

Starting at $1000

✔ Keyword research for landing pages
✔ XML Sitemap
✔ Social media strategy
✔ Recoding your site so search engines can easily index it

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My name is David, and I have been programming websites for many years. It started as a side hobby during high school and college, but I really developed my skills when I designed the website for my landscaping company. That experience brought me face-to-face with the reality that a website is a marketing tool. Its purpose is to connect the owner of the website with their intended audience. That sent me on a search to find out how to do that.

The first thing I noticed in my search was that users must find the website easy to use. That meant that a website needs to be responsive so that it is works well and looks good on all devices, no matter what their screen size. The second thing I noticed was that users must be able to find the website on search engines. That meant that search engines would need to find it easy to index my sites and categorize the content on my site so that it could show up when users searched for keywords. The last thing that I noticed is that websites must represent well the company, institution, or individual who owns the website. First impressions matter, and a website should make a good first impression. For that reason, websites should be customized to your particular purpose as well as to your individuality as a business or individual.

At Moody Web Design, we labor to ensure that all our websites are both useful and engaging. Our goal is to connect you to your audience, provide them with a great user experience, and get the word out about who you are and what you have to offer them.

We look forward to doing business with you!

David Moody

Columbia, SC

tel: 239-776-6339