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What You Get with Your Site


Get a website designed with both the mobile-user and the desktop-user in mind so that your website is easily accessible to all devices.


Get a website optimized both for speed and search engines.  Your users will be happy, and search engines will understand the content on your site so that they can easily index it.


Get a website designed that takes into account who you are and who your audience is.  Websites are marketing tools, so it is important to tailor the site for each individual case.

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Special Features of This Website

We focus our attention on improving the design of our websites. We recognize that more than half of all internet usage comes from mobile devices: smartphones. We have designed our websites with that in mind. Designing with the mobile user in mind first has led us to make two specific improvements: a “Get Directions” button and a listing of contact information and worship service times at the top of every page.

The “Get Directions” Button

This button is not that complicated, but it was a bit of a breakthrough when we first created it. When visitors are trying to get to your church for the first time, they often are using the GPS on their cell phones. This button links to your church’s address on Google Maps: anyone who clicks on it immediately gets connected to your location on Google Maps. From their phone, all they have to do is enter their starting location, and they’re off to your church!

Go ahead and click on the button below to see how it works!

Listing of Your Contact Information

All of your church’s contact information will be readily accessible from every page of the website.

What are the first questions any visitor is going to ask when coming to your website? They will ask questions like this:

  • Where is this church?
  • When do they meet for worship?
  • How can I contact them?

These questions we answer with a very basic listing on the top of every page.

Other Features of this Website


Every church website we make has a section that inquires if the visitor wants to find out more information about the Gospel. It concludes by pointing those individuals to a person at your church (typically, the pastor) to help with that.


The Sermons you upload to audio automatically are part of an RSS Feed. An RSS Feed is what iTunes and other podcasting places use for publishing podcasts automatically. So, with this website, you can start podcasting today!


Every website we design is ready for any device from the largest desktop to the smallest smartphone. With this website, your site will never look outdated!

Full Control

You and your church will have complete control over this website. You can create new pages whenever you want to. Is there a conference you want to advertise or a ministry you want to dedicate a page to? No problem. You will be able to change things with a simple point and click. 

But What Other Annual Costs Does a Website Have?

This is a good question. If you are like me, you want to know precisely what you are getting yourself into from the beginning. Let me try to lay out the answer to that question. Moody Web Design does not charge you any annual costs, but to keep a website online there are three main costs. Those can usually be provided at a low cost by getting them through major web hosting companies like HostGator, Hostinger, or BlueHost.  Those three costs are an SSL Certificate, a Domain Name, and a Hosting Package.

SSL Certificate

The SSL Certificate is what encrypts your site so that it stays safe and secure. At first this only mattered for online stores, but now it has become standard for all sites. The good news about the cost of the SSL certificate is that – as long as you buy it from the right place – it is FREE.

Domain Registration

The Domain Registration has to be updated annually. You can pay ahead for a couple years, but the cost of a domain registration is usually under $15 per year.  Be sure to get an SSL Certificate for free when you register your domain.

Web Hosting

The web hosting package is going to be the most expensive part of keeping a website online. If you have a low-cost package (which is fine for most churches), you can look at spending about $60 per year. If you buy it on sale and pay for multiple years up front, this cost can be alleviated.

These are just the costs of doing business online. We would be happy to refer you to reputable companies that keep their costs low so that maintaining your website does not cost you much annually.

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