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Church Websites Designed to Be Affordable

How Do I Get Started?

So your church needs a website.  And they have asked you to find out what options are out there.  In researching the options for websites, how should you make sense of it?

What is a domain name?  And why would I also need web hosting?

What is search engine optimization?  How much does it matter?

What is a content management system?  And should I use one?

All you really want to do is get your church a website that works, but how do you know what you are even purchasing?  A company may offer affordable websites, and they say it will work.  But what would you even put on those pages?

There are so many questions.  And you might feel a little overwhelmed.  Where should you get started?  We offer two starting points.

1 Free Checklist: We have created a free checklist which we provide to our email subscribers.  Please enter your email address and the free checklist will be sent to your inbox.

2 Getting Started Articles: We have written a series of articles which cover the basics of understanding and thinking through how to design your church a website and who to use to design it.  Find those articles here.

Our Special Offer to Churches

We specialize in church websites.  For that reason, we approach the design of church websites with an eye towards innovation and simplicity.

For that reason our design philosophy is driven by certain questions:

  • What information do church visitors need at their fingertips?
  • How can we design a low-maintenance site so the site administrator can focus on ministry?
  • What information would benefit unbelievers?
  • How can we give site visitors an authentic glimpse of this church’s heart?


Our goal is to design a website that is focuses everything that church needs into a concise tool to assist churches in reaching their neighbors with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are some of our innovations:

Address and Service Times Accessible
“Get Directions” Button
Podcasting Capability on iTunes
Visitors Welcome Page
Bulletin Link
Last Year in Review Section
… and Much More!

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help your church!

Church Website Special

Starting at
$3500 $2500

Complete control of your site

Responsive across all devices

Search engine optimized

60-day turnaround

Get Started Today!

To use this affordable option, after your free consultation, we will send you a form which lists the pages we will create for you, as well as the number of paragraphs, pictures, and sermons you will need to provide for us. Once that form has been fully filled out, we will get working on your site.

Sign Up for a Free Consultation

Sometimes the best way to find out what you need to do is by talking to someone about what your options are.  That way you can ask the questions that are on your mind, and we help you think through what your website could become.  Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you to schedule a precise time within your constraints.

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