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Resources Designed to Teach the Basics About Websites

From the Beginning

When I was starting up my website design business, I was fortunate enough to get my first customer.  He and I were childhood friends.  He was starting up a business of his own, and he wanted me to put his website together.  It was a great opportunity!

He had bought a domain name, and he wanted me to build a website for that domain.  I built the website and designed it using PHP, HTML, and CSS.  It was exciting!  I learned a couple of tricks along the way.  I was having a blast.  I had been hosting the site on the back end of my own website, but now it was ready to be uploaded to his domain name.

I went to his domain, and proceeded to try to upload the files only to realize that he had not yet purchased a web hosting package.

So I called him up and asked him what web hosting package he was going to pick.  His response put things into perspective for me:  “What is a web hosting package?”  I took a deep breath, as a I thought, “Where do I start?”

But then I realized that he asked the very question that had occurred to me years before.  Many years before, when I was just beginning to program websites, and I put my first website up online, that very question had confused me too.  Why do I need to buy a domain name and a web hosting package?  Why are there two separate things that I need?

I had never voiced my question, but I had felt it.  And, when my friend asked that same question, I realized that this hits us first.  The difference between a domain name and a web hosting package is so normal for those who operate in the business of website designing that nobody thinks to explain it to newbies.  But newbies find these technical distinctions tricky to navigate.  They find them tricky, not because it is all that confusing, but because of the question that keeps coming to them:  “What else do I not know but need to know?”

This series of articles is designed as a walk through.  I am attempting to walk those of you who know a little bit about websites and who want a website through the different parts of a website.  While I walk you through those things, I will give you warnings and recommendations.  My goal is to give you some simple wisdom to help you plan your own website out.

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