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How to Choose

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Getting Started

Choices, Choices, Choices …

This is the final article in our series about Getting Started.  Now that you know all of this basic information, how should you choose what you should do for your website?

We recommend that you formulate the right questions to drive you the right answers.  When answering these questions, don’t answer based on, “I hope my site will be like this.” Instead, just honestly answer where your starting point is.  As your site grows, you can always upgrade to larger hosting and other options.

Questions We Would Ask

How many websites do you need?

If you are planning multiple websites on multiple topics, then you would want to find a web hosting service that provides unlimited websites and a large amount of memory.  If you know that you only need one website, then start with a basic web hosting service that lets you order a free domain name.

How many visitors and traffic will you have on your site?

If you are a small business serving a geographical area, then you do not need much bandwidth.  If, however, you want to grow your site to thousands of visitors per day, then you would need a large bandwidth.  However, if you are just starting out, then just upgrade once you have the daily traffic.

How many pages will you have?

If you are a small organization with less than a hundred pages on your website, then you should choose a basic web hosting service.  But, if you are planning on producing hundreds of pages of content per month, then you would need a web hosting service with a large amount of memory provided in the cost.  Again, you can always upgrade as time goes on.

Will you be using WordPress?

WordPress works on even the most basic web hosting services.  Some companies sell WordPress web hosting, but there is no need for some expensive maintenance program until your website is that large and has enough traffic to warrant that.  BlueHost specializes in WordPress, so if you wanted to start with BlueHost as your web hosting company, that might be a good bet.  Although every web hosting platform runs WordPress perfectly smoothly, so it is not necessary to go with BlueHost.  We also are affiliates for HostGator and Hostinger, because those companies have good customer service too.

If You Are Just Starting Off

We recommend that you use a web hosting service that works with the Free SSL Certificates through Let’s Encrypt.  We also recommend that you start with as basic a web hosting service as possible.  Choose one that lets you get a free domain name with the web hosting service.  If you know that you only need one website, then don’t go for a webhosting service that has unlimited websites as an option (unless that is there starting option, which it might be).  If you know that you will want to automate with MailChimp (or a similar company), then be sure you that you have a dedicated IP address.  You might need to contact the web hosting company to ask how much more that would be.  It is usually reasonable in price.

My Recommendations

For Web Hosting and Domain Registration, we are affiliates with and recommend HostGator, Hostinger, and BlueHost.


For WordPress, if you are going to go with a paid theme or plugin, we are affiliates with and recommend StudioPress themes and Elegant Themes.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.  We would love to add articles to our Getting Started series, so let us know where your interest is.

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